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Fast Food & Restaurant System

Fast Food & Restaurant Management System is a most suitable & efficient way for managing all your sales & inventory record keeping needs. Menu defining under different categories, associated with urdu names for kitchen and bar slips printing. Define recipes for finished items to maintain inventory for raw materials. Stock Inward / Outward management helps keeping raw materials stocks up to date.

Sales under different types like Dine in, Take Away, Home Delivery & Pickups help managing sales and preparation of food in kitchens. Selectable items by code and by name with item wise discount option for discountable items give user a fast experience to generate bills. Taking orders for home delivery and pickup with customer’s contact details is no more hectic now by selecting customer & entering cell phone numbers for making deliveries to home or office addresses. Integrated SMS solutions generate auto sms to customers while their entry, sales bill, birthdays or for any occasion or events. Different reports of sales, stock and raw material inventory.

User’s Management gives complete control for user‘s activity and to define their privileges and assign restrictions.

  • Menu defining under different categories.
  • Urdu menu for kitchen & bar slips.
  • Stock Inward / Outward for inventory management.
  • Recipes defining for finished items.
  • Dine in, take away, home delivery & pickup sales option.
  • Single click token, kitchen slip, bar slip & customer bill printing.
  • Auto inventory management of raw items by selling finished items.
  • SMS integrations for customer entry, sales bill, birthdays & different events.
  • Users management for managing user’s access to software.
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