Weaving Industry

All enterprise strives for optimized results and performance. With computerized system, enterprise can achieve their desired goals. Can make accurate intime decisions leading to maximum benefits. Our weaving management software allows to save record at each step of weaving. You can manage the quality production contracts, yarn records for warp & weft, bags required, conversion rates etc.. Contract based yarn buying, local storage and issuance to sizing and beem receiving, article assignment to Looms & Workers. Daily Production, Performance & Stop-age records with reasons. Calculate workers efficiency and salary by production. Article delivery and inward / outward gate passes.

Always get the current status of all contracts, yarn requirements, Sizing status, Loom Productions, Fabric Stock delivered and returned all in one software. Not only this, integrated accounts management system adds recovery options, payments made, expenses done, cash & bank statements parties ledgers and more. Software has also built in users management system and is multi terminal supported.

Key Features:

  • Contract based orders management.
  • Current status of all contracts.
  • Warp / Weft Yarn bags report.
  • Production Reports.
  • Fabric delivery & return records.
  • Sizing Reports & and beem status.
  • Worker Production and Salary Calculation.
  • Integrated Accounting System.
  • Contract based Invoice Recoveries.
  • Expense records, Party Ledgers, Payments Records.
  • Standardized Accounts Reports.
  • Current Stock Reports.
  • One click Backup option.
  • A complete Business Manager.
  • Users Management Included.
  • Software extendable to multi-terminals.

Software Applicable in…

  • Weaving Units.
  • Looms Management.
  • Production Management & Performance Tracking.
  • Related Businesses.

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