Housing Scheme Management

Housing Scheme Software is best solution to manage all necessary accounting transactions made by any society / estate developer for record keeping. This software allows to define unlimited plots with different traits like location, width, length, marla, residential / commercial etc.

Operator can sell different plots to different customers at per marla rate with sale agent’s commission account to be manage automatically. total price of plot can be divided into down payment and installment plan. Breakup of installments can be auto generated or manually managed.

Due payment can be recovered with general receipt voucher / bank receipt voucher with cheque details, date and cheque numbers. These cheques can be tracked afterward for due date to be deposited. Plots can be transferred from one owner to other with simple one click transaction under hiba / resale / transfer etc.

Different sort of charges (wasa / wapda / road development etc) can be levied against plots according their marlas & status (residential / commercial). These charges will be receivable as like plot dues. All standard accounting vouchers (cash receipt / payment, bank receipt / payment, journal vouchers) are available for accounting transaction record keeping with standard format reports.

Single click backup taking option at two different definable backup path to save. Developers / Societies can manage their contact information at their own to print on statements etc.

Key Features:

  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Integrated with Account.
  • Multi User, Multi Terminal Supported.
  • Terminal Independent User Login.
  • Complete Customer & Plot profile saving.
  • Sales Contract with commission agent A/C management.
  • Plots stock & sale summarized reports.
  • Auto / manual installment plan breakup.
  • Keep track of pending installments.
  • Computerized receipts and auto accounts maintenance.

Software Applicable in…

  • Societies.
  • Estate Developers.
  • Housing Schemes.
  • Related Business.