Poultry Farm Management

Poultry Farm Management is best solution to manage all necessary accounting and farm management transaction that are made on day to day basis. This software allows to define unlimited farms location with different houses in each farm and separate flock defining for each house.

Operator can define different items (stackable / direct consumable) to enter purchase vouchers from different vendors like chicks, feed, medicine, toh, diesel etc. These items can be purchase and directly consume to any specific flock or have an option to store them first then issue to specific flock for cost calculation. Farm location & flock wise daily mortality and weekly weight record feeding farm with mortality report.

Catching feeding is very easy to keep record of. Day to day catching with daily rate and farm / flock wise catching option. Ability to add different customers on single invoice with vehicle numbers, laden / un-laden weights & discount option. Different poultry farm management reports are available like catching detailed and summarized reports, flock wise income & expenditure report, stock and miscellaneous reports.

Daily accounting transaction / expenses can also be directly assigned flock wise for cost calculation. Different other nature of accounts (cash, bank, personal, employees) ledger can also be managed under financial accounting module.

Single click backup taking option at two different definable backup path to save. Administration can manage their contact information at their own to print on statements etc.

Key Features:

  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Integrated with Account.
  • Multi User, Multi Terminal Supported.
  • Terminal Independent User Login.
  • Complete Farm location with house & flock record.
  • Farm & flock wise purchase & cost consumption.
  • Flock wise mortality and weight record keeping.
  • Farm & flock wise day to day expenditure cost calculation.
  • Farm location to location stock transfer.
  • Flock wise income & expense report.