Consumer Goods Distributors

Distributor’s perspective is different in many aspects from retailers. Our software for Consumer Goods Distributors enables the business owner to perform daily activities without any hassle. From order booking, stock issuance, route & supply control, items delivered and returned, cash & credit deliveries along with recovery records are all saved with single invoice. Customer ledgers are updated with each invoice and recovery. Stock is auto calculated. Item bonuses, damages, rate claims are also controlled for each invoice. Software also has the option to clear the customer balances invoice by invoice. Supply number wise items, bills, recovery and customer reports.

Software is integrated with accounting system. No need for manual account maintenance and separate entry posting. Standardized accounts reporting includes ledgers, trial balance, balance sheet, profit & loss statements and more. Complete list of expenses for each month. Monthly reports for sales, income, cash & bank balances, customer outstanding and stock activity reports. Software also includes the commission calculations for salesman and booking man. Assign category based targets to staff and calculate monthly incentives and performance for individual staff.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Account openings under different types like customer, suppliers, expenses, banks etc.
  • Complete customized product defining system.
  • Minimum stock maintenance inputs with wharehouse management.
  • Purchase as per supplier invoice with purchase return option.
  • Auto stock updating with sales & purchase.
  • Customer billing with cash/credit, freight, bonus, schemes & gst options.
  • Supply No. wise order booking, stock issuance, stock deliveries & returns, recoveries, balance and customer reports.
  • Auto calculated P&L & Balance Sheet.
  • Purchase, sales, stock reports and analysis.
  • Company / Supplier wise stock reports.
  • Commission calculation.
  • Cash / Bank / Journal Vouchers.
  • One click Backup option.
  • A complete Business Manager.
  • Users Management Included.
  • Software extendable to multi-terminals.

Software Applicable in…

  • Consumer Goods Distributors.
  • Whole Sellers.
  • Cosmetic Distributors.
  • Pharmaceutical Distributors.
  • Related Businesses.

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