Restaurant Management System

Our all in one Restaurant Management Software enables the restaurant owners to maintain running orders and deliveries for a particular order. It also enables them to track their daily orders. With advance stock management integration, food stock issuance & returns can also be tracked.

Software also allows the option of defining items and menus with combo deals and discounts. Also enables the cashier to calculate the order totals with one click summarizing all items ordered. One click print option issues separate slips for kitchen, bar & customer.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited menus defining under different types.
  • Maintaining several running orders at the same time.
  • Option of  dine in, take away and parcel orders.
  • One click order calculation.
  • Detail and summarized reports for daily Sales & Cash.
  • Auto stock updating with sale & purchase.
  • Computerized bill printing.
  • Optional Customer record keeping.
  • Token issuance for customers order queue.
  • Waiter based orders placement.
  • Grouping several orders into single order.
  • Customized options available.

Software Applicable in…

  • Fast Food Shops.
  • Bar B Qs.
  • Restaurants.
  • Takeaways & Dine in.
  • All sort of Restaurants.