Point of Sales (P.O.S) Solutions

We offer flexible & customizable products that meets all the Business Requirements of retail outlets. You can run your enterprise in accordance with strategy and plans, accessing the right information in real time to identify concerns early. Implementing POS at your retail outlet, you can make decisions more faster with zero % chance of manual errors.

Counter sale terminal enable you to keep record of each transect ion. Easy & fast billing enhance customer’s satisfaction & business improvement. Stock & Accounts integration provide best solution to keep inventory up to date as well as ledgers. Accounting is more easy than ordinary file system.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Account openings under different types.
  • Complete customized product defining system.
  • Minimum stock maintenance inputs with shelf management.
  • Purchase as per supplier invoice with purchase return option.
  • Auto stock updating with sale & purchase.
  • Faster retail / wholesale billing (Bar Code) with minimum entry requirements & sales return option.
  • Credit sale option with credit card / Bank account adjustment.
  • Multiple customers billing at same time on single pc.
  • Auto calculated P&L & Balance Sheet.
  • Purchase, sales, stock reports and analysis.
  • Shelf / company / supplier wise stock reports.
  • Customized options included
  • A complete Business Manager.
  • Software extendable to multi-terminals.

Software Applicable in…

  • Departmental Stores.
  • Sweets & Bakers.
  • Cosmetic Stores.
  • Garments Stores.
  • Shoe Stores.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Book Shops.
  • Mobile Shops.
  • Electronic Stores.
  • Paint Stores.
  • Sports Shops.
  • All sort of  Retail Outlets.

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