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Fast Food & Restaurant System

Fast Food & Restaurant Management System is a most suitable & efficient way for managing all your sales & inventory record keeping needs. Menu defining under different categories, associated with urdu names for kitchen and bar slips printing. Define recipes for finished items to maintain inventory for raw materials. Stock Inward / Outward management helps keeping raw materials stocks up to date.

Sales under different types like Dine in, Take Away, Home Delivery & Pickups help managing sales and preparation of food ...

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Trading / Inventory Software

Manage your business more efficiently with computer software. Get accurate stock and accounts details with clicks. Integrated Inventory with Accounting System, Feature Rich Standardized Reports Software is Multi User & Multi Terminal

Feature Includes :

  • 4 Level of Chart of Accounts
  • Transaction Vouchers for accounts handling
  • Purchase / Sale Vouchers with Invoicing
  • Auto Stock Handling
  • Items ledger, fast / slow moving items etc
  • Financial Reports (Ledgers, Recovery, P&L, Trial Balance etc)
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Optics Shop Software

Easily manage your customer records and their orders. Maintain your stock category and model based. Print Computerized Receipts for New / Repair Orders. Manage advance and credit payments. Manage your cash / bank entries. Integrated with accounts system. Track your payments, Manage your expenses, get profit and loss reports, Readymade ledgers, trial balance and balance sheets. Get uptodate stock reports, Sale Summary, Sale Details, Customers reports and more. Software is multi terminal and multi user supported.

Feature Includes :

  • 3 Level of ...
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Distributor Software

The more you minimize the manual work management the more productive you become, with our Specialized software for Distributors, the daily tasks has become more easier than ever. now eaisly tract your daily order, supplies, deliveries and recoveries. Sales / Sales Returns, Purchases, Bonuses and Current Stock. Categorized your customers, your Sale Promotion Officers and Book / Supply man region wise. Manage your vehicle deliveries and routes. Calculate salaries and commissions on the base of sales and returns. Offer schemes ...

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Simple Billing Software

Quick Simple Billing Software, Computerized Slips, Bar-code Enabled Multi User / Multi Terminal supported.

Feature Includes:

  • Customized Items Defining with Groups / Categories
  • Define Different Packing Units (small /medium / large , packing, size etc…)
  • Datewise & Typewise Billing Option
  • Customer Bill Print
  • Summarized & Detailed Sale Reports
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P.O.S Software

Fast POS for Quick Billing with Accurate Stock & Integrated Accounts added with Users Management System for single / multiple companies. Standardized Reporting, One Click Backup. Affordable Price Plans!

  1. 4 Level of Chart of Accounts
  2. Transaction Vouchers for accounts handling
  3. Purchase / Sale Vouchers with Invoicing
  4. Auto Stock Handling
  5. Items ledger, stock activity & monthly reports
  6. Financial Reports (Ledgers, Sales, Salesman Performance, P&L, Trial Balance etc)
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